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252                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

sand prisoners, but all be looked upon as void,
undone, or as non avenu. Yet all was in such
a fair way. Peccato!

Charretie is recalled, and Senovert, or Gallois,
a friend of Talleyrand's, will succeed him. I
carry over 4,000 for the French prisoners, and,
what will interest you more, des roses pomponnes,
carnations, &c., safely packed.

Perregaux was all kindness and friendship. I
shall never forget the cordiality and regard of all
the commissioners of the exchange, nay, of all
their clerks. They crowded round me when I
arrived at Paris from Fontainebleau, and again
when I came away. The universal testimonies of
esteem I met with were quite overpowering.

Talaru was at Paris unknown to me, but was
recognised and obliged to fly to Spain.

I hope in a few days to be in London, where
I shall first exclusively occupy myself in bringing
my political business to an explanation and to an
end; finish with the board; and then make the
best of my way home, and there remain quiet till
the peace enables us to make a definitive arrange-
ment with regard to the West Indies, &c.